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Human resource

Human resource management

Employees administration is a complex activity, which requires considerable capacity for management and updating.

Studio Brigaglia manages all fiscal and bureaucratic aspects related to employees and self-employed, in order to free our clients from the various duties.

Management of supplier contracts

Studio Brigaglia does all the procedures related to hiring and termination of collaborators, such as:

  • Sent of hiring communication.
  • Establishment, transformation and extension of employment contracts.
  • Communication of business collaborations’ termination.
  • Assignments of workers to different locations.

Elaboration of wages and INPS duties

Our service of wages elaboration and duties management is carried out by professionals dealing with:

  • Hiring management, employment contracts’ modifications and terminations.
  • Processing of Pay slips.
  • Elaboration of CU (Certificazione Unica) for each employee.
  • Calculus of TFR (Severance pay) for employees.
  • Arrangement and sending of CUD models (Income tax statement issued to employees by their companies).
  • Calculation of costs related to the staff.
  • Elaboration and data transmission of 770 model.
  • Calculus of residual leaves of employees.
  • Declaration for withholding agents.
  • Count of employees’ days off and days of leave.
  • Management of procedures for the request of payroll subsidies.
  • Functional compliances for the management of business relationship for employee and para-subordinate work.

Obligatory employment insurance arrangement

We organise for employees’ obligatory insurance against injuries at work and occupational illnesses provided for by law.

Monthly salaries payments

Studio Brigaglia carries out on behalf of Clients the monthly payment of salaries of employees and collaborators and sending of corresponding pay slips to interested parties.

Processing of CUD models

We help our Clients to produce pay slips. We organise CUD models, we perform the operations of calculation of the fiscal balance and related communications to the employees.

Auxiliary services

We offer auxiliary services to the management of the human resources of our Clients’ companies.

Any type of service is customizable.

We prepare ad hoc offers according to the needs of Customers, to respond in a comprehensive manner to their needs.

We can customize both the full range of services and individual requests – such as managing the payments of suppliers’ invoices – to make them more responsive to the specific needs of Customers.